Boundless Leadership: The Program

The book, Boundless Leadership, grew out of Elazar Aslan and Joe Loizzo’s ongoing partnership in developing a breakthrough method of helping their clients realize their full leadership potential.  That same method has also given rise to Nalanda Institute’s transformational Boundless Leadership Program. Refined and tested over ten years, this systematic program merges three fields of know-how into three disciplines—of mind, heart and body—that help participants cultivate the three key traits of Boundless Leadership and reimagine their leadership, purpose and impact.

The Boundless Leadership book is the authors’ way of making available to a wider audience the breakthroughs in science, leadership and transformational practice they wove together into the program. If you would like to take a deeper dive into the science and practice of Boundless Leadership, and share your journey with a community of peers, please join us for the next six-month live online Boundless Leadership Program, offered from January to June each year.

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A Multi-Disciplinary, Transformational Approach

Refined and tested over ten years, this systematic program merges three emerging fields of know-how into three disciplines—of mind, heart and body—that cultivate the three key traits of Boundless Leadership.

The Architecture of the Boundless Leadership Program:

The New Science of Leadership

Beyond just new thinking and skills, leadership now is about harnessing our full potential as humans, with new science and proven methods that unlock the Boundless Leader in us all.

Integrating the science of neural plasticity, emotional intelligence, embodied cognition, peak performance and flow

Positive Psychology
Joining the new social psychology of lasting happiness and well-being with the science of leadership development

Compassion Training
Training in empathy and compassion unlocks the emotional intelligence that fuels authenticity, inspiration and human equity

Mind-Body Methods
Optimizing the mind-body connection to sculpt mind and brain on a subconscious level, unlocking your full potential to ignite change

Praise for the Boundless Leadership Program


The program was amazing. The teachers broke this heavy learning down in a way that was easy to absorb. The group and leaders were all very supportive.

—Elena Grinev, VP, Appnexus

The Boundless Leadership Program is an invaluable tool for creating a new paradigm in business leadership. The program teaches leaders how to better recognize the value of people, the importance of sustainability and the critical balance between life’s demands and rewards.

—Ron Insana, Program Participant and CNBC Business News Contributor

About Nalanda Institute

Boundless Leadership is one of three core programs offered by Nalanda Institute for Contemplative Science, an educational non-profit 501(c)(3) founded in 2007 by contemplative psychiatrist Joe Loizzo, MD, PhD. Through transformational programs integrating contemplative learning with neuropsychology and equity work, Nalanda Institute trains people to help themselves and others stop living in survival mode and start thriving together with all life on earth.

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Our Evolutionary Tipping Point

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Our Moral Imperative

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