Boundless Leadership: The Book

Boundless Leadership provides a complete and systematic roadmap to finding meaning in your work, realizing your full leadership potential, and inspiring your team with resilience, innovation, compassion and confidence. Contemplative psychotherapist Joe Loizzo, MD, PhD, and executive advisor Elazar Aslan, MBA, PCC, offer a new science-based vision of leadership that prescribes disciplines of mind, heart, and body to help leaders cultivate clarity, compassion and fearlessness for themselves and throughout their organization.

Boundless Leadership offers accessible, real world applications to bring ease to leading oneself and others, and provides examples from the authors’ experience with clients, including CEOs of multi-billion-dollar businesses, entrepreneurs and managers trying to balance the complex challenges of work and life in our interdependent age.

Each section includes a range of practices based on neuropsychology and contemplative science, including guided meditations to improve focus and awareness, cultivate empathy and compassion, and build fearlessness and flow. Each section also offers a practical application to ease daily challenges, including clarifying intentions for better decision-making, improving accountability and responsibility for better team collaboration, and embodying purpose to optimize impact on one’s organization and society at large. Boundless Leadership is especially needed during this explosion of remote working and provides advice and guidance to remain productive and joyful when your work environment is in flux.

Whether you’re a CEO, manager, team leader, consultant, coach, social entrepreneur or community activist, this book offers the tools you need to clarify your vision, lead others, and ignite positive change in the world—giving you a much needed advantage in today’s fast-paced digital age.

Boundless Leadership: Contents

Preface: Our Evolutionary Tipping Point by Joe Loizzo
Preface: Our Moral Imperative by Elazar Aslan

Part One: The Truths of Boundless Leadership

1. The Situation: We Work Hard and Do Our Best, Yet We’re Still Unfulfilled (and So Are the People around Us)
2. The Problem: Our Conditioned Way of Being; Surviving versus Thriving
3. The Promise: Unleashing Our Boundless Potential
4. The Path: An Optimized and Integrated Mind, Heart, and Body
5. The Practice: The New Science and Timeless Art of Optimizing Mind/Body Systems

Part Two: The Discipline of Mind—Trait of Self-Awareness

6. Leadership Is an Inside Job
7. Making Better Decisions: The Synergy of Self-Awareness and Clarity
8. Making the Shift from Stress-Driven Survival to Thriving in Clarity and Self-Awareness
9. Presence: The Brain Is a Social Organ
10. Balance: Developing True Confidence
11. Unbiased Awareness: Escaping the Trap of Fixed Judgment
12. Discernment: The Key to Incisive Decisions
13. Application: Leveraging the Power of Intention

Part Three: The Discipline of Heart—Trait of Authentic Engagement

14. Creating the Conditions for Others to Be Their Best
15. The Interplay of Compassion and Authentic Engagement: The Real Strength of Leadership
16. The Psychology of Compassion and Altruism: The Secret of Success
17. Debunking the Stereotypes: Authentic and Inauthentic Compassion
18. Empathy: Widening and Deepening the Circle of Trust
19. Resilience: Transforming Our Inner Demons
20. Engagement: Tuning In to the Strong Force of Emotions
21. Inspiration: Encountering the Mentor Within
22. Application: Empowered Responsibility; Modeling the Problem-Solving Mind

Part Four: The Discipline of Body, Heart, and Mind—Trait of Embodied Flow

23. The Awakened Body: Reimagining and Rewiring Ourselves
24. Leading Fearlessly: The Body Language of Flow
25. Boundless Vision: Evoking a New Reality
26. Empowering Speech: Rewriting Our Role
27. Natural Flow: Harnessing Pure Passion’’
28. Fearless Embodiment: The Stance of True Leadership
29. Application: Embodying Meaning and Purpose; The Integrated Leader

Part Five: A Commitment to Practice

30. Manifesting Your Vision and Purpose: The Big Picture
31. Integrating the Applications and Orienting toward Greater Purpose
32. The Mandala of Leadership
33. Commitment to Real Practice: Implementing the Plan

About the Authors

In Appreciation: We would like to thank our editor Alice Peck, for her patient work giving shape to our evolving dialogue, to our agent Stephanie Tade, who instantly saw and advocated for the book’s unique contribution, and to Beth Frankl our Executive Editor at Shambhala Press and her whole team for making Boundless Leadership a reality. — JL & EA

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Our Evolutionary Tipping Point

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Our Moral Imperative

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