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A breathtakingly original approach to leadership, both practical and visionary. Anyone who cares about our future and how leaders can help shape a better future will find Boundless Leadership a source of inspiration.

— Daniel Goleman. Author, Emotional Intelligence

In this empowering synthesis of contemplative insights and the science of the brain and mind, Joe Loizzo and Elazar Aslan offer a guide to personal and professional leadership that helps us find deep inner resources of strength in ourselves and others. The approach of this guide to being an impactful, compassionate, and visionary leader is built upon cutting-edge science and inspired by the wisdom of meditative practice, providing us the best of rigorous research and heartfelt truths that can help us all to create a new world of compassion, connection, and creativity.

— Daniel J. Siegel, MD. New York Times bestselling author: MindAware; and Intraconnected; Clinical Professor, UCLA School of Medicine; Executive Director, Mindsight Institute

Boundless Leadership offers readers the insights, wisdom, scientific evidence, and practical advice they need to become the leaders they hope and want to be — leaders who are at once caring, compassionate, clear-eyed, and effective. The book is an engaging and quick read, but one that readers will want to come back to again and again for inspiration and guidance. If everyone who is a leader, or aspires to be one, reads and absorbs the lessons of this book — as I hope they will — the world will be a better place.

— Katherine J. Klein. Vice-Dean, Wharton Social Impact Initiative, Edward H. Bowman Professor of Management, The Wharton School

Have you ever had a workplace which you just couldn’t relate to? Boundless Leadership provides us with a road map to change — blending the heart, mind and body to change how we relate to ourselves, bring authenticity, connect with others, and lead in the workplace.

Sharon Salzberg. Author of Lovingkindness and Real Change

In a world increasingly powered by connectedness, interdependence and networks, the ability to shed historical win-lose thinking and embrace boundless leadership is critical for the success of any leader, organization or society. The evidence-based approach and pragmatic techniques contained in Boundless Leadership combine to create a powerful handbook that guides the reader to successfully achieve this necessary and advanced approach to self-development and leadership.

— Brad D. Smith. (Former) CEO and Executive Chairman, Intuit

Boundless Leadership builds an understanding that leadership comes from within, that each of us can impact positive change in ourselves, our organizations, our personal lives, even the world. It doesn’t stop there, the book gives practical methods to shift thinking and behavior to achieve success. I cannot help but think how helpful this work would have been for my younger self.

— Beth Shapiro. Executive Director, Citymeals on Wheels

This very practical book shows how to optimize your body, mind, and heart for 21st century leadership. From two master teachers, it is comprehensive, profound — and extraordinary.

Rick Hanson, PhD. Author of Resilient: How to Grow an Unshakable Core of Calm, Strength, and Happiness

There has never been a more “appropriate” time for this book. Leaders today struggle to transform as they are defined by archaic stereotypes and presented with conventional approaches for improvement. Boundless Leadership delivers a path for those ready for self-exploration and to begin their own personal journeys of transformation. The practical methods offered by Elazar and Joe apply to the leaders in all of us and transcend our personal and professional lives. The future of authentic and empathetic leadership starts here. For those who embrace it, the positive impact in your lives, organizations, communities and the world are endless.

— Fiona Bruder. President, Americas, George P. Johnson Experience Marketing

A bold vision of a new human and organizational order coupled with a step by step guide to get you there.

— Reade Fahs. CEO, National Vision Inc.

Boundless Leadership is a deeply comprehensive and science-backed manifesto for enlightened leadership — an essential manual for leaders, change-makers and anyone who wants to make a difference and develop their full potential.

— Emma Seppälä, PhD. Author of The Happiness Track

Boundless Leadership is a ground-breaking book that redefines what it means to be a true leader today. Rather than a superficial list of mundane and trite qualities found among “great leaders,” Boundless Leadership takes a deep dive into the leader him/herself to identify the critical characteristics that define authentic, mindful and effective leadership in a world full of sloganeering. This book is as much for the leader as it is for those he or she leads. A unique and progressive take on the organization of the future, Joe and Elazar are to leadership what Demming was to quality. A must read for both current and aspiring leaders.

— Ron Insana. Senior Analyst, CNBC

We take as a given that professional athletes practice their sport based on years of research into the optimal way to build muscle, skill, and motivation. Boundless Leadership is the ‘training manual’ for professional leaders, combining neuroscience and psychology to provide pragmatic and effective skill development that will have a huge impact on you and your organization.

— Brian O’Kelley. Serial Entrepreneur, Technologist, and Angel Investor

Joe and Elazar have written a book that isn’t just another leadership manual that offers new wrapping for the same old concepts of how to lead. This book is a guide for how to shift your whole being to uncover the compassionate wise leader within you. They lay out a clear and actionable plan for training the mind, body and heart and I am certain it will help all those who read it find the boundless potential they might not have even known they possess. 

Erin L. Olivo, PhD, MPH. Co-Founder and Executive Clinical Director, Center for Wise Mind Living 

Boundless Leadership shares a powerful truth; developing as leaders is an inside out process. It makes the case, with a coherent blend of modern science and personal story telling, that we can achieve more with greater ease by developing the discipline body, heart, and mind. Readers will find a practical and transformative guide to develop the kind of leadership needed most today — intentional, authentic, compassionate, and empowered.

— Brandon Atkinson. CEO and Founder, 46 Summits Consulting

Boundless Leadership uses the latest findings in science and a finely engineered architecture along with tools and practices to guide you on a journey of transformation. If you do just some of the work, expect a massive shift in your leadership, of self and others.

— Elena Grinev. Head of Solution Delivery, Shell New Energies

This book presents a new and refreshing perspective on the theory and practice of leadership, drawing on a unique and rare set of resources: deep contemplative practice, neuroscience, and leadership development tools. Highly recommended for (aspiring) leaders who have affinity with the working of their minds while taking a leadership role in business and society. The books shows a path of how to integrate meaning and business performance in the practice of leadership.

— Sander Tideman. Executive Director, Garrison Institute International; Senior Research Fellow, Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University

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